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Christmas Shopping - 2012 / 2013

Give the uncertain times matter and see that not at all a good idea to overdo with Christmas shopping and bill to exceed, what we can afford now or what we saved for this purpose. How to achieve it?

One way is to shorten the list of people for whom to buy gifts. Small things to colleagues, the children of friends who will visit and etc. The final result can be a small amount but can become a substantial amount by the end of the holidays.

Another way is to do some things yourself. Most people are aware of the situation in the world and would have had an understanding - ultimately the spirit of the holiday was intended to demonstrate care that is not the same as shopping. Is it not better if we give delicious homemade cake or cookies (which can look great wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon), which may be glad the whole family and to express much attention better than another series of gifts - "usual suspects" ...

And after we shortlist assessed and where we can give something done by us at home, comes the final step - to buy the best possible way, what we have decided. Here are some tips on how to do it if you have not already planned:

1. Decide how much money you can spend for gifts without debt.
2. Plan your costs better - put your limits for each purchase and not exceed them. Be sure to include the cost of Christmas dinner and gifts to yourself.
3. Bet on quality, not quantity and invest time in choosing the appropriate gifts to achieve maximum effect.
4. Explore the market - choose the appropriate features, models and manufacturers that best meet the interests and habits of the person for whom you choose and offer the best price / quality ratio.
5. Leave information to rest a day or two – it can come better ideas once you've set up to think in that direction.
6. What has he put prices online for your chosen gifts. Make a separate email to register at different sites and to obtain promotions. And it considered only when really you're looking to buy something special.
7. Make a list every time you go to shop. And now the hard part - stick to it! And do this not only for gifts when, but when you buy food or go out on another occasion. Now you have a chance to allocate some money even, if you careful with purchases and avoid spontaneous spending. And if you purchase by credit card you have more time to neutralize part of the bill with such tricks.
8. Use a credit card with cash back, but only if you extract to pay in full when it arrive. If you can not eradicate the account before starting to attract interest - then you can not afford these gifts and it is better to find alternatives.
9. If you have gifts in your list of people that you will see after the holidays, may postpone the purchase for later - after the holidays can be a new wave of reductions.
10. Do not hesitate to bargain. If you buy several things from a shop always ask if there is no loyalty program or discount for similar amounts. Your chances are greater if you speak with the owner or manager, so look for the right person before you put your question. Be prepared to leave if they look at you with a disdain. Even if you can not offer a better price should quit with a smile - today little things are only available in one place.
11. Be creative with the packaging.

New Year Cruise - 2012 / 2013

Christmas is the time when thousands of tourists round the world in search of new emotions, interesting traditions and unusual atmosphere. If you want to forget about the stress of buying gifts at the last minute or noisy celebrations in your home, grab the suitcases and buy tickets for some of the most magical places in the world where you can enjoy a magical Christmas moments.

Have you ever dreamed to spend Christmas on a sleigh drawn by reindeer? No other place in the world, which is inextricably linked to the celebration of Lapland, which is considered the home of Santa Claus himself. Here you can see the legendary national park Sarek rode on a carriage drawn by huskies, passing along the pristine forests, clear lakes and majestic mountains.
During the journey you can sleep under the stars and even meet in the wild elk, reindeer and lynx. Another attraction that offers very few places in the world is a journey with snowmobile and fishing in icy water. Here you can meet with the traditions and culture of the Saami people, indigenous people of Lapland - although their community is well integrated in the Nordic countries, about 40% of the Saami still live among the icy wilderness in a traditional way for their culture.

As strange as it sounds for such a southern country, Spain also offers opportunities to dive into the Christmas spirit. Andalusian city of Granada is one of those opportunities - against the backdrop of snow-white peaks of Sierra Nevada Mountains and magical Alhambra Palace (once the residence of the Moorish rulers), the city can definitely create a festive atmosphere appropriate from your home. For Spaniards, January 6 is the date which marked the end of the Christmas season with parades and celebrations in universal city streets.

As the capital of the north country, there is no way to Oslo is not suitable destination for Christmas. This is one of the most covered with white areas in the world place, sparkling frost which covers the slopes of the resort Holmenkolen revealing magnificent view of the nearby fjord. Local metro may drive you to the peak of Holmenkolen where many people gather to enjoy the hot Glogg (mulled wine) and traditional Christmas cookies Fattigmann.

The “Big Apple” is a modern incarnation of Christmas - every year the giant Christmas tree to Rockefeller Center with hundreds shines multicolored lights, and close to it everyone can enjoy the vast outdoor ice site. New York is a favorite place for Hollywood filmmakers to shoot movies on Christmas themes.
Do not forget the grand Christmas parade Macy (Macy's parade), where you can see the huge inflatable figures..

Besides charming cafes and museum dedicated to sex, Amsterdam has much to offer to his tourists. Narrow alleys, canals and huge beautiful houses - boats - they are all famous symbol of the city. Festively lit streets with many shops and ice rinks contribute significantly to the Christmas spirit. You can hope for a Christmas present, brought from Saint Nicholas - the Dutch Santa Claus, who is also patron of the country.

Christmas in Edinburgh is like a journey back in time - the city has preserved the medieval charm of traditional music with bagpipes, performing classic Christmas songs. From 29 December to 2 January in the Scottish capital is one of the most spectacular New Year's entertaiment - Hogmanay (Hogmanay), in which everyone can participate.

Do not forget the spectacular fireworks illuminating the sky over the city, and the opportunity to spend Christmas at the Castle Lauriston Castle, open to various family activities. If you add to this Christmas concerts, choral performances, cabaret and charity fairs, it can wholeheartedly declare Edinburgh for one of the places in the world where tourists can enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere during the holidays.

Christmas Breaks

Depending on whether you want to ski at Christmas or to lie on a beach with cocktail in hand, travel site offers rating the best places to spend the holiday, officials said.

1. Taos, New Mexico, USA

Magic of Christmas spending promises remote village Taos, where the intertwining of many different cultural traditions - from Christianity to the Indians. To ski in the festive day can bounce up titled ski resort.

2. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Spanish colonial jewel with a rich cultural heritage of Christmas literally energize the theater processions through the city, numerous reproductions of scenes from the Nativity, fireworks, live music and dancing on the main square El Hardin. Be sure to try the local punch - drink fruit and brandy - and the traditional Christmas sweet bread.

3. Tromsø, Norway

Snowy city offers unparalleled views of the northern lights and the chance to say that you were at the North Pole on Christmas, or more precisely, you've reached the Arctic Circle. At Tromsø also can walk with the dog sled and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

4. Key West, Florida, USA

The pull of Key West are good spirits and warm weather even on Christmas. Wonderful place for those who want to celebrate the holiday on the beach with cocktail in hand.

5. Chicago

The Christmas spirit can be felt in a big city like Chicago with millions of holiday lights and various themed entertainment.

6. Vienna, Austria

Antique warmth surrounds Vienna on Christmas ornaments when flashing mitigate raw architecture of the city. Especially nice for the guests of the Austrian capital is the midnight tour of the Christmas markets open.

7. Quebec, Canada

Lit cobblestone streets, stone houses of 16 and 17 century, and lots of snow make the 400-year-old city particularly pleasant place to spend Christmas.

8. Steam, Brazil

Steam is a half day drive from Rio de Janeiro. The city with well preserved Portuguese colonial architecture offers convenient access to some of the best beaches in the world.

9. Castleton, United Kingdom

Trees decorated with lights are enough to fascinate visitors of stone English village, but even more attractive Christmas songs are performed in local caves by candle light.

10. Kaykura, New Zealand

Peninsula Kaykura no deer, but his swim in the Bay of Whales, seals and dolphins, fly over it and saddleback. If you want summer Christmas experience Kaykura is the right place. You can dip boat or kayak around the bay, and then stretched to the beach and get a little sunshine holidays.

New Year Breaks - 2012 / 2013

If you have not yet decided where to celebrate new year and how to get yourself qualitative rest, we have a few ideas for you:

1. For workers

Those who can devote only a few days during the holidays can still celebrate properly.
Option to fit on the weekends and jump off to somewhere - to Greece, Turkey, Hungary,
or short and comfortable flight to Athens, London, Vienna, Paris, Antalya or Tunisia.

2. For lazes

New Year is a time for celebration or for a pleasant vacation in the middle of winter. Due hotels, where you can combine forces for Christmas party, and then relax after we can offer aree: Antalya, Tunisia, Madeira, Malta, Cyprus, Costa del Sol, Oslo or further, but less warm:
Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Mauritius, Bali, Thailand.

3. For the curious type

Another good reason to visit interesting places at interesting times of the year.
You can stop the full with history of art and monuments of European capitals Prague, Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome or Vienna.
Of course you meet and more exotic places as Morocco, Jordan, Egypt with a Nile cruise, Dubai, Rio, Cuba, South Africa.

4. For families

Get a real feast for young and old.
This winter you can take the children to see the real Santa Claus in Lapland with direct flights chataren, but if you look more relaxed out, and where kids can have fun again offer programs of direct flights: Antalya, Cyprus, Tunisia, Madeira.

5. For Lovers

Give a romantic New Year to your loved one. Cities of love like Paris, Rome and Barcelona needs no introduction.

And for fans of romantic Andalusia has 2 programs to Costa del Sol . Madeira island is a new proposal where you can go for the Christmas with your love.

6. ForAll Inclusive fans

New Year is synonymous with good table, and All Inclusive hotels offer exactly that. Antalya, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Margarita - all of them boasts an excellent All Inclusive!

7. For rich personas

Best time to indulge in luxury hotels with fine cuisine and elegant receptions.
Some of the best hotels in the world are - in Antalya, Exotic, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Singapore and Bali, Thailand, Madeira.

8. For the party lovers

New Year is a big event. Some of the most fun city to party are: London, Lisbon, Prague, Rome

9. For traditionalists

Good old Europe offers proper celebration - New Year with concerts in Vienna, with the Pope in Rome, fireworks over the Thames in London or New Year are excellent places to visit if you like simple things.
10. For those who likes the summer
Cuba, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Mauritius, Egypt and Tunisia for example are the cities where you can enjoy the new year at the beach.

Christmas Hotel Break - 2012 / 2013

If you are in search for place where to make a gift to yourself, you will need to find a good place and a suitable hotel.

Wynn Tower Suites hotel in Las Vegas is part of the Wynn Las Vegas resort and only Privileges starts from the airport - guests are met with Phantom Rolls Royce (the hotel claims to be the largest collection of such vehicles in North America). Naturally, the rooms also have luxury with plush beds, plasma TVs, many flowers.
Wynn Las Vegas was the first resort to include a luxury car dealership. Brand new factory-authorized cars include the Ferrari and Maserati brands. Used cars are sold "as-is" and include other luxury car brands, with some cars on display ranging in price from little more than $ 100,000 to $ 1.6 million. The dealership also includes parts and other car-wares.
Non-buying guests of the resort can go into the dealership to take a look around. When the resort opened, there was no fee to enter, but the dealership became so crowded that management began charging $ 10 for admission; registered Ferrari-Maserati owners are exempted from this fee, as well as children accompanying paying adults. The Penske-Wynn is one of the few casino car exhibits in Las Vegas metropolitan area. Other exhibits can be found at The Palazzo, Imperial Palace and Caesars Palace. However, the Penske-Wynn Ferrari-Maserati dealership along with Lamborghini Las Vegas showroom and dealership at The Palazzo are the only two casino / dealerships in the Las Vegas area.

As soon as you enter the lobby of 81-year-old Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong will feel like traveling back in time. The architecture is colonial style, the staff has white gloves in the gym serves afternoon tea and evening dance parties are organized as one time.
The hotel was prominently displayed in the 1988 NBC television miniseries Noble House.

In 1994, an extension was added to the original hotel in the form of a 30-storey tower, which is topped off by a helipad.
In 2007, The Peninsula was used for a scene in the superhero film The Dark Knight, involving actors Morgan Freeman and Chin Han, who played Lucius Fox and Lau, respectively. The hotel was chosen, as it was one of the only two private helipads in the SAR and the producers preferred the roof of The Peninsula over that of Shun Tak Centre

Four Seasons Hotel in Hualali (Havyski Islands) is in full Hawaiian style - guests are accommodated in luxurious beach bungalows, some with an outside shower. When Hawaii's ocean waves are not to your opportunities, you can swim in the pool, where are the bar and the service staff.

Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach paid much attention to children. For them there is a kids spa with DJ and sports programs, championship ping-ping and many animators with extensive repertoire, caring for little ones while their parents drink cocktails on the beach.
Ritz-Carlton will occupy the top 15 floors of the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The hotel's lobby is at 425 meters above the ground, becoming the highest hotel in the world when completed, surpassing the Park Hyatt Hotel in the Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, China.

New Year Eve - 2012 / 2013

Worldwide onew year is joyous celebration. Any people for centuries passed down the traditions from generation to generation.

English has traditionally not welcome the new year with noisy celebrations. It is customary to invite guests. But there is an unwritten rule that before New Year or the next day everyone to visit any home without invitation. However, the guest should bring a lump of coal to throw at to the fireplace and wish the fire in the house to burn longer and longer.

Scotland went further - they invite people who do not know to their dinner. Love to go dressed as chimneies.

Germans and adopted as its symbol of prosperity and happiness the chimney, too. but in and the pig. On the eve of New Year's in Vienna Mint puts into circulation coins with the image of a child, rose to over pork.

French have various Christmas traditions. One of them is the first woman in festive night which draw water from the spring is to leave there baguette bread, the second to take it and leave his bread, the third to take the second and leave hers and etc.
When the hour strikes 12 Spaniards leave the streets and exchange gifts.

In the New Year's Eve for a traditional Hungarian dish is garlic honey.

Portuguese wine have an interesting custom. Over New Year's table hangs a well-preserved cluster. While twelve clock measures out impact any hurry to turn away and ate 12 grains, while willing to think of every twelve months.

The Dutch table have dozen of donuts, which are prepared only once a year.

Japan does not welcome the New Year at midnight but early in morning of January 1. Greet with a cup of cold water. After the usual 108 bells faded everyone quickly climb high to welcome the sun.

Guinea New Year's Eve out of the procession led by elephants, which are a symbol of power and wealth. The procession is accompanied with singing, dancing and various games.

At Chinese New Year is considered a table always have daffodils.

Indians celebrate New Year's officially the first of January, but there are local customs, as it notes and other dates. For example, in Northern India - 13 April. In India remained an ancient tradition that says on New Year no one should be angry and irritable or angry to someone. Otherwise, this will be throughout the year.

The Christmas Party

At the end of the year there are 2 holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year, which is eagerly waiting for the children especially. They are family holidays. Because of children we decorate their houses, put the flash lights and shapes, bake cookies and sweet flower, only to see the flame of joy in the eyes of children. Respectively, this makes us very happy. If you will meet relatives who each have children, then it must be ready and New Year special kids. I do not even think about that as small children do not feel feverish preparations for the holidays, the expectation that on the colors and the desire to celebrate.

Make a separate celebration for children, as the first initiate a mass for them. Let's be beautiful and mostly safe. Use paper cups and plates, among them hide merry little surprises.

Make sure children away from dangerous objects, keep an eye on them as is close to the fireplace or other heating appliances. After initial shyness children attributable to crazy games, run and hide and is therefore better to store fragile items, take measures to glass doors and to provide a safe space where you footle at will.

Do not think about holiday clothes. When welcoming guests or going with friends is a tradition to put children in their finest clothes. But if you constantly remind them to keep them without leaving them to naigrayat is better to get them out with a casual outfit. In both cases, simply leave them to do what they want, the clothes will be washed.

Be careful with candles and Bengal fires. Do not put a real Christmas tree lit candles to avoid the accident. Better use lights and illuminated garlands. Observe small when all light a fire Bengali. In a sudden attack of terror on the temperature or to throw sparks Bengal fire on the carpet. And the holiday can be tarnished.

How to decorate your home for the holiday

The decoration of the house creates a large part of the festive mood. How to make it different from other times? In simple or solemn? Here are some ideas about it.
To make a stylish decoration select a color in which to be. For example, in predominantly blue, red or white. Get balls, garlands, ribbons and candles predominantly in the selected color. When buying take extra Cypress tree branches. Decorate your tree with balls and garlands. Branches of fir Christmas wreath, do you braided with ribbons. Other branches put in bowl with fruit in vases, small twigs tangled around candlesticks.

Another option is to decorate rustic style to choose. For this purpose, the decoration is made entirely with natural decoration - a Christmas tree toys are wooden or natural fruits - nuts, small apples, onions. Garlands made from strung popcorn.
Key elements of the Bulgarian Christmas traditions is the Christmas tree which is decorated on Christmas Eve and put into a gift. Gifts should be opened on the morning of Christmas.
Another important element is the ornamentation of cakes and bread, and put them luck - steam-being, health cornel bud.

Special decoration for the nursery - perhaps we must invest much effort and magic, and children involved and to help you. You can make garlands of paper in the shape of snowflakes and Christmas stars. Ready to buy garlands and balls. So you can tell the story of the birth of Jesus while coloring ceramic figurines and make straw manger for the infant.